#255 (coil)

2014 the second of May my grandmother died I will not see her at my wedding I will not feel her bony hugs again grief doesn't fade it coils in my ribcage but I choose to caress these bitter scales enticing them to tickle my heart instead of crushing it   © Matthias Geh, 13th … Continue reading #255 (coil)


# 254 (motes)

♥ splintered nails clawing at the grime of decades nowhere is a place I used to call home where we cherished the living and the dead adorning heads with robinia crowns ♥♥ the walls grow fists they keep pushing nowhere is a place I used to call haven where we drank from the mountain spring … Continue reading # 254 (motes)

#177 (traces of lavender)

grey puddles taunting his wet ankles splish-splash the droning of constant rainfall blocking out the soft vows he whispered in the sweetest of embraces traces of lavender rekindling the memory of that night under the stars when all the lights had seemed to dance for the two of them the full moon their witness cirrus … Continue reading #177 (traces of lavender)

#94 (the ruins of my habit)

  cradling my thoughts all died in a landfill between here and nowhere   blackmail returning to sender sudden rush of panic while the gashes of your brazen words are still festering among the ruins of my habit uncorking shared fates *tween the lines in the sand or was it quicksand treacherous slopes of memory … Continue reading #94 (the ruins of my habit)