#163 (a manifesto deconstructed)

a manifesto


throwing stones

and picking bones

violence rests

in the undertones

beneath the surface

grey and black

destroy, destroy

and don’t look back

the struggles bind

as love goes blind

deep tales of terror

rule my mind


10th July 2017



#132 (I really hate the news today)

I really hate the news today

an earthquake killed a dozen

relentless feeds, my phone keeps buzzin’

it’s all pitch black, no white or grey

I really hate the news today

as hundreds killed each other

my mouth concrete, my feet are clay

but most don’t even bother

I really hate the news today

white leaders turn to tyrants

the children lost all will to play

their parents banned – they’re migrants

I really love my friends today

escape the ever-crushing press

our minds already in a mess

we joke and laugh and dance and slay

the terrors we put on delay

3rd March 2017