#177 (traces of lavender)

grey puddles

taunting his wet ankles


the droning of constant

rainfall blocking out the

soft vows he whispered

in the sweetest of embraces

traces of lavender

rekindling the memory

of that night under the stars

when all the lights had seemed

to dance for the two of them

the full moon their witness

cirrus clouds crowning cheerful heads


24th July 2017



#173 (darkness pierces every corner)

the ones you lost

have now been found

riding like mad

a merry-go-round

the one to hell

and back, my dear

don’t fear the reaper

for she’s near

the gift of life

the prize of dying

we grind and toil

and keep on trying

three wishes granted

if you dare

mischievous fairies

they don’t care

beyond the place

of broken bones

of broken dreams

and thunderdomes

the abyss-born is rising fast

from oceans wide and mountains vast

she wields her scythe

she tears apart

each fiber of our beating hearts

our darkest lady has arrived

her voice cuts deeper than a knife

inside the ashen halls of fate

where gods and demons were betrayed

she’s sipping from the holy grail

black dress, silk mask, a flowing trail

wide eyes so bright

red lips so lush

she rules the night

be still now, hush

as everything falls into place

and darkness pierces every corner

you might turn mad touched by her grace

and everybody left a mourner


20th July 2017



#138 (whetting the edge)

between black dots

and jagged beaks

he’d been stashing away

some memories

for a rainy day


the pendulum

relentlessy cutting away

each moment

before midnight


some said

the night was still young

while  actually

darkness kept erasing

all signs of aging



carelessly poured out

as intimacy got lost

in the perpetual dissolution

of boundaries

he was whetting the edge

of tomorrow’s dawn


1st May 2017


#135 (within the cup of quiet grace)

the night was old

all stories told

as chastity

had long been sold

the mirrored passion

in her gaze

entranced him

in a scarlet haze

he drank it all

the tears and sweat

his restless fears, doubt

and regret

within the cup of quiet grace

he glimpsed

a single solemn face

the queen of hearts

had lost her smile

was wandering lost

for quite some while

between the good

and mostly bad

her hopes and dreams

were turning mad

her faded glamour

seeping through

the veils of night

soon ripped by spring

the morning light

most cruel thing

and early dawn

the lethal sting

24th April 2017

#129 (the night keeps drowning me)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


the quiet

bares its teeth

while I’m watching

the passing of deep valleys

moving wearily

visions of derailed trains

paint fear behind my eyes

raindrops racing along black glass

destination unknown

I follow the tracks

a clumsy explorer

waiting for the light but

the night keeps drowning me

12th Februrary 2017

#126 (between tender plumage)

photo credit: Matthias Geh



we dreamt of spring

while cutting blocks of black ice

forming clusters of coldness

until our fingers gave in

to numbness

and within our aching bones

the seeds of fever started to bloom

the flowers of our anticipation

withered away like

the last seconds of daylight

being replaced by

the prospect of obscurity

and a sudden dread

I wished

I was a bird of passage

gliding by

carrying the stories

of the Southern Wind

between tender plumage

ignorant of the dark calls

the night had left as a gift

6th February

#92 (feeding fires in frost)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

kiss me

under the stars

trace my blanket

of scars

rest your lips

on my neck

ease your chin

to my back


fires in frost

singing songs

of the lost

spinning tales

from the dark

while my hands

caress bark

willow trees

catch the cold

within sap flow

we hold

our breaths

against the wall

we grew weary

and small


your palms

to the wind


we rescind

upon darkest night’s


our wishes


*20th December 2016


#85 (dead drunk on moonbeams)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

dead drunk

on moonbeams

silver light

barely escaped

her lover’s sight


from pouring out

her song


a raving

savage throng


her breathe

of sour wine

her golden hair

had lost its shine

without the courage

of the cup

the thieves of night

had locked her up


eyes undressing her

as stupor ruled supreme

within some minutes

fame dispelled

sore throat

released a scream

and sirenlike

split tongues

were twisted

within a graveyard

of her stardom

hurt pride

by shadow’s boon



darkness bride

*13th December 2016