# 245 (untold)

 unspeakable terror hides behind beautiful dreams masking the untold stories of countless deaths roots tinted blood red beneath manicured blades of grass tragedy is lurking at the edges of perfect meadows   © Matthias Geh, 22th April 2018    


#205 (feeding bullets)

  no bread we laced their meals with lead feeding bullets to a generation touched by death the cruel illusion of being protected yet metal does not know compassion   © Matthias Geh, 17th February 2018  

#190 (glorious illusion)

Everbody is connected nobody ever leaves we all feed the bubbles hail into the echo chambers replacing our beliefs with algorithms no mercy for us poets wielding pen and paper fighting a long lost battle yet unyielding we squeeze out the very last verse a neverending struggle weaving our words unrenumerated because creating poetry should … Continue reading #190 (glorious illusion)

#133 (the whole history of your liver)

insults fallen from a babbling tongue rolling down my round shoulders rotting behind my ass like I give a shit yet I do scraping at my pride but the whole history of your liver makes me shiver as pride turns to pity my thoughts mix with the yarn I've been threading for years to remember … Continue reading #133 (the whole history of your liver)