#274 (dance)

uncanny how you avoid my gaze, sticking out of the crowd turning your head so my blazing eyes won't find your shame hidden beneath layers of calm and suave mien a faltering smile drawing strength from the easily-fooled around you that dance we do I know all the steps while you're struggling to keep the … Continue reading #274 (dance)


#226 (a shield around my face)

più buio di mezzanotte still our hands found each other like a lizard basking in the sun I was basking in your presence the most subtle glow your eyes pools of radiating black pulling me into myself giving way as I let pleasure take my breath and my tongue leaning even closer your long hair … Continue reading #226 (a shield around my face)

#135 (within the cup of quiet grace)

♥ the night was old all stories told as chastity had long been sold the mirrored passion in her gaze entranced him in a scarlet haze he drank it all the tears and sweat his restless fears, doubt and regret within the cup of quiet grace he glimpsed a single solemn face the queen of … Continue reading #135 (within the cup of quiet grace)

#113 (blistering kisses)

    blistering kisses scorching his lips volcanic goddess devouring all his passion smiling like a black smoker deep under basaltine lava undisturbed currents longing for the salty touch of the open seas where his heart pours into as liquid lust evaporates his desire filling the ocean like a school of mauve stingers ravaging every … Continue reading #113 (blistering kisses)

#97 (velvet and seawater)

… velvet and seawater your lips dancing over my body reigniting forgotten passion your eyes like flames I'm burning indigo in your irises • the way your head gently sways while juggling thoughts I want to drown and take root in those dream realms of yours • the one the flood didn't take away  that … Continue reading #97 (velvet and seawater)