#271 (budding)

the day has not yet whetted it claws replete purple hiding in the approaching blast of scent and colour  hints of aroma alluring me   © Matthias Geh, 2018    


#270 (vanished)

a shred of flowy fabric deep green like a copse stuck to a broken mirror long since clouded invisible to the eye it moves between the poet's fingers his wrists adorned by bracelets of crimson and as he mouths his final words upon the threshold Erato grants a closing kiss   © Matthias Geh, 18th … Continue reading #270 (vanished)

#265 (flight)

a starving bear dug up all the roots chewed all the leaves trampled the flowers and left nothing but growling ⊗⊗⊗ I followed the fairy glow into the meadow beyond the stars where shadows and light share a silent song amongst the neverresting I found tranquility at last as sleep wouldn't find me   © … Continue reading #265 (flight)

# 254 (motes)

♥ splintered nails clawing at the grime of decades nowhere is a place I used to call home where we cherished the living and the dead adorning heads with robinia crowns ♥♥ the walls grow fists they keep pushing nowhere is a place I used to call haven where we drank from the mountain spring … Continue reading # 254 (motes)

#253 (aroma)

I forgot how to sleep red-eyed, staring into wrinkled valleys searching for the lavender fairies hiding in a pot  at the window still please send me some scent to relieve my anxious mind heart full of joy, yet I'm suffocating an empty ocean, yet I long to see glittering rivulets at the bottom © Matthias … Continue reading #253 (aroma)