#149 (drowning my fears)


photo credt: Matthias Geh

the paths between light and dark

glowing in shades of blue and yellow

I drowned my fears in deep sleep

stuck them to a fairytale

I made up from some restless bits

meeting some monsters on the way

sometimes all it takes is

a frame to collect my scattered thoughts

to herd them back into

this fleeting focal point

I trapped them in a blinking box,

tricking myself into

the illusion of control


18th June 2017






#131 (my heart broke twice)

photo credit: Matthias Geh
photo credit: Matthias Geh

withering lights

melting on dawn’s tongue

I wiped my face

erratic dripping sweat beads

running wild along

my arched back

relax, he said

the night took

all I had

and more

the prize I paid

hurt my flesh, broke my pride

I gathered

the dark birds

took a dive in

the murky pool of

your hidden desires

when your teeth dug in

my heart broke twice

27th February 2017


#130 (heart-shaped holes)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


the promises we make

 fly easily from our lips

forgotten when we wake

from sleep’s transcending grip

unkind but feeling blue

through deeper woods we stumble

we fake it ’til it’s true

see loyalty slowly crumble

as lies are been renewed

without compassion fueling

the furnace of our souls

we’re left with darkness ruling

our love replaced by holes

21st February 2017

#129 (the night keeps drowning me)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


the quiet

bares its teeth

while I’m watching

the passing of deep valleys

moving wearily

visions of derailed trains

paint fear behind my eyes

raindrops racing along black glass

destination unknown

I follow the tracks

a clumsy explorer

waiting for the light but

the night keeps drowning me

12th Februrary 2017

#128 (witch-hunt)

                                                            photo credit: Matthias Geh

there is a


around the willows

cooling embers leaving a mark

on dried skin


predator and prey

the scales were tipped

when the hunter tripped

on a root

suddenly in his path

the moss took his fall

in a distance the calls

of a family of owls

drove reassuring songs

to the clearing

the witches eyes blazed

as she spun him around

trapped him inside a maze

beneath sacred tree ground

and his head dangled soon


while the moles kept him fed

with earthworms and some root

he most certainly went mad

once he started to hoot

10th 2017


#127 (lay waste)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

lay waste

to your palaces

of glass and steel

let’s seal the deal

with the black blood

seaping from the machines

outside your broken dreams


I once wandered

 unpolluted skies

 pristine lakes

aquatic paradises amongst

the droning noise of progress

eating away one trunk at a time

shaping mortals

into mere commodities


wreck the poles

and cool your fury

with the ice of molten glaciers

the absolute consumption

of everything

and everyone

feeding greed

with a smile

barely masking

the decay

of your rotten aspirations


lay waste

to your

popular opinions

chew or choke on

the sparkling pieces

of your pie charts

and pretty cufflinks


these songs

best left unchanted

riding red blood cells

resting inside

my temporal lobe

but some words

speak louder

than actions

even if they go unheeded

so I scrape the verses

of a long-lost conquest

molding a kite

from sheer




above the engorged egos

of contemporary emperors

 a silent reminder

waiting for

a lightning bolt

to strike

7th February 2017


#126 (between tender plumage)

photo credit: Matthias Geh



we dreamt of spring

while cutting blocks of black ice

forming clusters of coldness

until our fingers gave in

to numbness

and within our aching bones

the seeds of fever started to bloom

the flowers of our anticipation

withered away like

the last seconds of daylight

being replaced by

the prospect of obscurity

and a sudden dread

I wished

I was a bird of passage

gliding by

carrying the stories

of the Southern Wind

between tender plumage

ignorant of the dark calls

the night had left as a gift

6th February

#125 (blooming like moon flowers)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

full hours

are growing around

my fingers


a spell of tranquility

laughter and shouting

let us explore the Solar System

my mind straying to Pluto

the dwarf planet

binding idle thoughts

to ice and stone

while I am rotating retrogradely

my heart renewed

out of dust and rock

the melting poles

of my hibernated emotions

are shifting on the darkside

at night

new passion is blooming

like moon flowers

th February 2017

author’s note: my tight schedule these days (I’m working full-time, going to school part-time and teach English on two afternoons) makes it rather impossible to post every day, I still try to post regularly and at least once a week. In summer there will be more time, I’m dropping some workload in order to have more time for myself and my poetry. Thanks to all my readers who like and appreciate my poetry, it had been growing in the dark too long and I am glad to share it with you. I am aware that the picture shows a hollyhock, I haven’t yet had the pleasure to kiss actual moon flowers with my lense, maybe 2017 will allow me to meet them.

#123 (kisses to the gutter)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


I shaped a brick

from toxic waste

oozing through the commentary

of a redundant conversation

I tried fitting it into the wall

quietly hoping it would stick

and make it fall

whereabouts unknown

the sea took all its tolls

the fare was measured heavily

fat cats gave birth to trolls

inside the fortress waving

a torchlight made of pain

the ghosts of the forgotten

a silent choir remained

beyond the wires smiling

their faces shone unburned

weaving some propaganda

no page was left unturned

blew kisses to the gutter

and watched them float away

lost words I barely stuttered

in cellars of decay

28th January 2017

#122 (winter sun, my rare acquaintance)


devouring daylight

burning hours

like the sun hydrogen

your wooden face

covered with frost flowers

enigmatic enzymes

breaking down overtime

naps on moth-eaten sofas

reclaiming the quiet with a bang

nostrils flaring spewing snot

essential oils

my blood tinted green

discouloured veins sparkling

winter sun, my rare acquaintance

my feelings floating

pickled in my frozen smile

26th January 2017