#185 (dis-honesty)

a myth

well told

may run around

the world

and change it

for better

or for worse

I deal in lies

every day

the truth being

a venom

I have to dilute

with small evasions

a good betrayal

being my potion of youth

As I’m watching my dishonesties

sprout grey wings

and I shiver facing sincerity

because my deepest mistrust

lies with honest people


7th December






#182 (fins and freckles)

the girl without a name

waves of red hair blowing through

stark fall storms

maybe she tamed horses

in a former life

she used to date a loan shark

with bad breath

providing a safety blanket

spun of misery

it wasn’t hers

she didn’t care

the birds flew low

that day she dumped him

with the last of her delusions

rain on her pale skin

all tears left to salt the past

he kept her cat prisoner

she scratched his face real good

#180 (the deep end)

the deep end

of my dreams

is where fears

grow to terrors

the landscape

of a former quiet night

turning into an evil fairground

bitterness and pain exchanging candy

while pride and prejudice are

taking the rollercoaster of doom


yet I’ll never hit

and have to spent an extra round

in the cabinet of broken mirrors

dissolving glass in the acid

of nasty rumours

adding some extra poison

sundae undelight

getting bitter, sip by sip

sunrise saves me

and as I’m stumbling

through last night’s sober debris*

I’m finding peace

a dusty wreath of lilies

crowning my head

14th November 2017
* borrowed from the lyrics 
to "Hello" by the Shakespear Sisters

the ones I left out

lines of unwritten poems

crowding my skull

flurrying like a promise

of  snowstorms to come

sometimes life breathes poetry

sometimes it takes my breath away

How I have  waited for

this velvet whisper

this slightest tug on my thoughts

folding paper boats

from all the pages

I left blank


mourning the ones I lost

cherishing the ones I found

writing the ones that count

11th November

#179 (a flat world)

ideas being quenshed

before they even set a fire

to our imagination

unconnected sparks

dancing around jaded amygdalas

we were everything

you needed us to be

and nothing we ever wanted

to become

blind obedience

as we shackled our free will

to the dogma of superiority

sheep, whetting our butcher’s knife

the time for tenderness

was gone and buried lay

the corpses of our lost innocence

rotting under cruelty and ignorance

the bed we made to lie on

all tooth and nails

and the flame of kindness

reduced to a flicker

the dark ages are

just a stone throw away

always ready to emerge

and smother the present

so feed your light




11th August 2017

#178 (symphony of speed)

raindrops running

a race on the scratched window

between places

I’d become a wire

live electricity coursing

through my fibres

my nerves ablaze

grey clouds mirrored

on the paper

I’m writing on

blended into

a symphony of speed

hills and valleys

appearing and fading

background becomes

the centre of my attention

thoughts sliding in and out

of time

like the blinds sliding down

one droplet won the race

and plunged into the ground

trickling into the tracks

like the memory of a train ride

was seeping into my mind

7th August 2017

#177 (traces of lavender)

grey puddles

taunting his wet ankles


the droning of constant

rainfall blocking out the

soft vows he whispered

in the sweetest of embraces

traces of lavender

rekindling the memory

of that night under the stars

when all the lights had seemed

to dance for the two of them

the full moon their witness

cirrus clouds crowning cheerful heads


24th July 2017


#175 (basic laws of magic)

call upon

what you need

feed the things

you want to keep

honor your elders

the living and the dead

do no harm except

to protect yourself

write your name

into the wind

and the waves

let the wild

seep into your life

permeate your being

see beauty in every shape

in every colour

it comes

be beautiful yourself


22nd July 2017

A little note on my use of the concept of beauty: it is far from aesthetically pleasing, but describes the things, 
or people that are breathtaking, sometimes extremely ordinary and often neglected. My concept of beauty is probably
closest to the one, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford may have described when she wrote "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"