#168 (walking tall)

walking tall masked faces strutting the street dressed in rainbow flares   a path where you belong if only for some hours the masks become your faces for this walk the crowd drowns your fears 16th July 2017


#162 (a lucid dreamer)

painting my nightmares in all shades of black buried under the waves of fear a hunter of dreams is looming ♦ painting my nails in all shades of the rainbow I wear my colours with pride a lucid dreamer riding the waves 10th July 2017      

#86 (the sky remained)

  fruitless endeavour yet pierced by pride's sharp sting he aimed his spear right at the sun wiling the fireball out of the skies abundant pleasures he shunned to find his mind's sacred treasure burning beneath a merciless leader destroyer of planets undesirable effects as words spoke louder than actions the sky remained so did … Continue reading #86 (the sky remained)