#173 (darkness pierces every corner)

the ones you lost

have now been found

riding like mad

a merry-go-round

the one to hell

and back, my dear

don’t fear the reaper

for she’s near

the gift of life

the prize of dying

we grind and toil

and keep on trying

three wishes granted

if you dare

mischievous fairies

they don’t care

beyond the place

of broken bones

of broken dreams

and thunderdomes

the abyss-born is rising fast

from oceans wide and mountains vast

she wields her scythe

she tears apart

each fiber of our beating hearts

our darkest lady has arrived

her voice cuts deeper than a knife

inside the ashen halls of fate

where gods and demons were betrayed

she’s sipping from the holy grail

black dress, silk mask, a flowing trail

wide eyes so bright

red lips so lush

she rules the night

be still now, hush

as everything falls into place

and darkness pierces every corner

you might turn mad touched by her grace

and everybody left a mourner


20th July 2017




#141 (a delicate shield)

grey clouds

weighing him down

someone stole some sleep

his dreams were found

drained on the bottom

of a landfill

his eyes open and close

in the rhythm of the typewriter

his grandmother left him

as a parting gift

escaping the feeds of misery

tucked into his shirt

a sprig of lilac blossoms

a delicate shield against the world

spring sun poured into petals

his thoughts in colour

once again

4th May2017

#133 (the whole history of your liver)


fallen from a

babbling tongue

rolling down

my round shoulders

rotting behind

my ass

like I give a shit

yet I do

scraping at my pride

but the whole history

of your liver

makes me shiver

as pride turns to pity

my thoughts mix with

the yarn I’ve been threading

for years to remember

empathy like cool embers

against your flares

of rage

some sage

to quiet my head

I wrote some lines


10th February 2017