#258 (depth perception)

a lark picked my right eye while I left it out to dry now all I see is shallow space a blinking dot within a maze 'though absence makes the heart go yonder this theft has left me here to wonder if one eye might suffice for me 'cause after all I would still see … Continue reading #258 (depth perception)


#223 (A Banshee In My Closet)

A Banshee in my closet She used to haunt the graveyard but all tombstones were turned the soil had been salted, all the trees  had been burned She sung out silver sobs between trousers and tops and her touch made me freeze So I bought me a dresser 'twasn't meant to impress her just a … Continue reading #223 (A Banshee In My Closet)

#173 (darkness pierces every corner)

the ones you lost have now been found riding like mad a merry-go-round the one to hell and back, my dear don't fear the reaper for she's near the gift of life the prize of dying we grind and toil and keep on trying three wishes granted if you dare mischievous fairies they don't care … Continue reading #173 (darkness pierces every corner)

#107(twisted fables)

… numbness crept from ears to spine while listening to your fancy rhymes safety, guaranteed, riskfree had fallen off the promise-tree … I shuddered facing North-North-West wild gusts kept reddening my nose snow flowers laid the world to rest that night a paler moon arose … counted to three and turned to stone my dreams … Continue reading #107(twisted fables)