#207 (on an empty blanket)

the hollow of your absence is filled by shadows and treacherous noises in the deep end of night as I whisper your name and my echoe fades like darkness on an empty blanket   © Matthias Geh, 23rd February 2018


#186 (relentless machine)

once  I wore glittering scales gliding besides the whales the center of my existence liquid blue unmarred by pollution I didn't rule the seas I let them guide me ♦♦♦ Now I'm longing for the simplicity of a life in motion mourning my lost freedom imprisoned by the modern world feeding the relentless machine called … Continue reading #186 (relentless machine)

#115 (bright lady of the depths)

• shallow like the Mariana Trench her songs bury my fears acidic tears shimmering dreams rooted in my fins … nautical knights whetting their swords on lime stone and quicksand lurking sea beasts infiltrate my imagination … foam-arisen the bright lady of the depths bites my flesh tasting my memories I am a sweetwater eddy … Continue reading #115 (bright lady of the depths)