#170 (surrender)

warm bodies cool breezes we battled the heat losing surrendered to sweaty sheets making velvet darkness and the clear sky our blanket 19th July 2017    


#167 (nightly concerto)

a nightly concerto casting away any hope of sound sleep instead he is listening to  crickets clittering blended with the shattering of  bottles and the low pounding bassline from the clubs ♦ tonight he'd prefer a club to pound on his head instead   16th July 2017  

#149 (drowning my fears)

  the paths between light and dark glowing in shades of blue and yellow I drowned my fears in deep sleep stuck them to a fairytale I made up from some restless bits meeting some monsters on the way sometimes all it takes is a frame to collect my scattered thoughts to herd them back … Continue reading #149 (drowning my fears)


#81 (fragile tiny flutterlings)

silver threads fell out his face his eyes were red ablaze wild horses rode along his spine sly beetles bit his heart surrendered to the dark embrace of heavy dreams he lied in slumber's swamp and resting on his chest there was a cup of finest china partaking in some dreamish glories his feet were … Continue reading #81 (fragile tiny flutterlings)