#232 (whiteout)

a city sunk into white  crying bright snow skin dry like sandpaper snowflakes cutting flesh frozen wasteland   © Matthias Geh, 20th March 2018      


#222 (crocuses)

Howling winds carry the faint memory of snow crystals prickling my face my feet in a flurry, the street in a hurry I am writing on glowing parchment warmth spreading from my fingertips my mind is searching for the caress of an old friend, whose dress is still too pale to spark the flame of … Continue reading #222 (crocuses)

#118 (involuntary companion)

  I was craving the heavy scent of lilacs waiting out a snowstorm soon to be slush listening to my steady heart creating its calming rhythm lurking in between the beats was the tiniest dissonance  keeping all the lights on while you were away as if the dim glow could replace your presence the scent … Continue reading #118 (involuntary companion)


the tears of a snowfish have been uncried and unsung until you step into a grey pudddle squeak-squeak-splash bless those noisy rubber soles surfing dark waters   the laughter of a snowqueen is fillling the neighbourhood bounces, ricochets, magnifies plink-plink-boom after the plow trucks mowed through red bricked streets   the heart of a snowfish … Continue reading #6