#148 (Ouroboros) [en/de]

you’d lain waste to

the paths I used to travel

all detritus and broken mirrors

some shards still carrying the lies

you’d repeated for so long

they became the only truth I knew

instead of courage you’d sold despair

made me drink Lethe’s water

praising it as the finest wine

I was using up all my charcoal

bringing a rainbow to the empty streets

saving the stubs for the rainy day

that never ended

because you’d ripped every umbrella

with your venomous verse

disguised as compassion

yet I refused your empty vocabulary

ripped apart the blank pages

like I’d shed my skin

too many times

and bled and bled

ghost flowers keeping me company

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#140 (smiling traffic lights)

the crooked smile

of a stranger

two seats away

the smell of many

sweat and garlic breath

everything fades

when the flickering begins

I’m one seat between hundreds

and then I’m only one

my feet kissing wet pavement

all the laughter left

between red velvet

and  empty bowls

the sound of my footsteps

creating my own score

I could swear

the traffic lights

were smiling at me

4th May 2017