#270 (vanished)

a shred of flowy fabric deep green like a copse stuck to a broken mirror long since clouded invisible to the eye it moves between the poet's fingers his wrists adorned by bracelets of crimson and as he mouths his final words upon the threshold Erato grants a closing kiss   © Matthias Geh, 18th … Continue reading #270 (vanished)


#148 (Ouroboros) [en/de]

you'd lain waste to the paths I used to travel all detritus and broken mirrors some shards still carrying the lies you'd repeated for so long they became the only truth I knew instead of courage you'd sold despair made me drink Lethe's water praising it as the finest wine I was using up all … Continue reading #148 (Ouroboros) [en/de]

#140 (smiling traffic lights)

the crooked smile of a stranger two seats away the smell of many sweat and garlic breath everything fades when the flickering begins I'm one seat between hundreds and then I'm only one my feet kissing wet pavement all the laughter left between red velvet and  empty bowls the sound of my footsteps creating my … Continue reading #140 (smiling traffic lights)