#281 (stroll)

my eyes are tracing a steady rhythm squares, circles and triangles  blending and disrupting untroubled by human interference the dance of shapes filling my sight and my nostrils are drowning in wildrose and jasmine   © Matthias Geh, 25th May 2018  


#280 (bleeding green)

the weird and the wild I carry around twisting my thoughts growing thorns inside my dreams bleeding green conjuring bursts of the berries and blossoms yet to  come   © Matthias Geh, 24th May 2018          

# 254 (motes)

♥ splintered nails clawing at the grime of decades nowhere is a place I used to call home where we cherished the living and the dead adorning heads with robinia crowns ♥♥ the walls grow fists they keep pushing nowhere is a place I used to call haven where we drank from the mountain spring … Continue reading # 254 (motes)

#230 (She gives abundantly)

© Matthias Geh, 2018 A slip of pilewort She is breathing out spilling green all over a living memory enshrined in icicles spitting melon seeds and glistening water evaporating on hot sand the frozen heart of Summer She gives abundantly the glacial kiss of Winter She is breathing in the sound of her laughter in … Continue reading #230 (She gives abundantly)

#228 (unavailingly)

The orchard void of fruit spilled on the ground lie the remnants of a bird's nest prematurely built and lost to the returning frost a solitary culver circling waiting for the call of her companion unavailingly Winter took him into his grim embrace scattered and frozen feathers, bones and flesh once Spring neglected her promise … Continue reading #228 (unavailingly)

#224 (alive, wildly, indomitably)

I want to throw out seeds and watch them grow some might flourish some might remain in the cool, dark soil unborn ideas, waiting some may keep a murder of crows alive I want to wait for the grass to grow tall and lush to watch the breeze letting it flow in waves I want … Continue reading #224 (alive, wildly, indomitably)