#170 (surrender)

warm bodies cool breezes we battled the heat losing surrendered to sweaty sheets making velvet darkness and the clear sky our blanket 19th July 2017    


#159 (dark dew drops)

 sweet scent of freshly fallen summer rain a rivulet streaming down my forehead washing away today's dust and sweat I close my eyes, feel my lids get wet  night is falling on my face like dark dew drops   25th June 2017        

#146 (summer’s gift)

grey whiskers and fur, striped yellow-black a sound of fury growling deep soft paws prepared to take a leap back arched, claws out; ready to attack blades whetted on cobble and concrete while Poppy's fragile dress so sweet anger soon melted in crimson light at last summer's gift had stopped a fight   7th June … Continue reading #146 (summer’s gift)