#275 (glimpse)

he stole away the bed still warm to glimpse these early rays of gold   © Matthias Geh, 20th May 2018


#176 (what the moon taught me)

  The clouds taught me to wander in quiet the wind taught me to be calm or strong when needed the rain taught me to release pressure the sun taught me to become the center of my universe the stars taught me to shine a light for others the moon taught me that life moves … Continue reading #176 (what the moon taught me)

#137 (empty tokens)

artificial colour overload he is longing for the abysmal heart of night a stone left inside his right shoe the faint smell of lilac buds holding back like this year's spring a reluctant lover yet sunkissed heavy gilded metal dangling against hundreds of chests empty tokens yet appreciated like the cold punches leveling emotions 30th … Continue reading #137 (empty tokens)

#96 (starboard sirens chanting)

… shrinking shadows as the riders on the wind collect their bounty from the cold silver frozen tongues a whispered oath • tide was in and your float adrift starboard sirens chanting odes to the first warm breeze • reborn light painting stories of spring onto our foreheads I'm craving every fleck of sun … … Continue reading #96 (starboard sirens chanting)

#86 (the sky remained)

  fruitless endeavour yet pierced by pride's sharp sting he aimed his spear right at the sun wiling the fireball out of the skies abundant pleasures he shunned to find his mind's sacred treasure burning beneath a merciless leader destroyer of planets undesirable effects as words spoke louder than actions the sky remained so did … Continue reading #86 (the sky remained)