#161 (digital kisses)


and swipe

the sleek surface

kissing my fingertips

each time

a little more

palms caressing

colourful skins

the gentle tug

of technology

altering my perception

ever so slightly

with every byte


27th June 2017

#149 (drowning my fears)


photo credt: Matthias Geh

the paths between light and dark

glowing in shades of blue and yellow

I drowned my fears in deep sleep

stuck them to a fairytale

I made up from some restless bits

meeting some monsters on the way

sometimes all it takes is

a frame to collect my scattered thoughts

to herd them back into

this fleeting focal point

I trapped them in a blinking box,

tricking myself into

the illusion of control


18th June 2017





#134 (caught up)

are we setting our own trap?

 our narratives being shattered

within the endless iterations of dialogue

weaving shackles from needy lines

the perfect illusion

of being connected

you replaced by a shiny surface

I getting lost in translation

 flowers of doom

blooming between innocent text

and the desire to touch

without feeling to much

10th April 2017

#132 (I really hate the news today)

I really hate the news today

an earthquake killed a dozen

relentless feeds, my phone keeps buzzin’

it’s all pitch black, no white or grey

I really hate the news today

as hundreds killed each other

my mouth concrete, my feet are clay

but most don’t even bother

I really hate the news today

white leaders turn to tyrants

the children lost all will to play

their parents banned – they’re migrants

I really love my friends today

escape the ever-crushing press

our minds already in a mess

we joke and laugh and dance and slay

the terrors we put on delay

3rd March 2017


#110 (the blood of elder trees)

tree heart.jpg
photo credit: Matthias Geh

once I cried

in all shades of dusk

the willows were whispering

names of ancient deities

lost between the red tide

and the age of the machine

before our dreams had wings

until we replaced them

with arbitrary iterations

the blood of elder trees

the collective conscious

severed from imagination

and around the ruins of temples

we went hunting

after a grain of truth

between corroded marble

and gold dust

save from harm

we went exploring

through the filters of the silicon era

losing track of now

as our thoughts kept getting trapped

in infinite thens and laters

*10th January 2017