#273 (numb)

lights snuffed out too soon echoeing blasts in empty corridors sweat and tears no exit near unbelievable loss yet we go numb from the repeating cycle or fake mourning and fake prayer and fake compassion no exit near heavy armed guards shoot to kill but the answer to a bullet never was more bullets no … Continue reading #273 (numb)


#205 (feeding bullets)

  no bread we laced their meals with lead feeding bullets to a generation touched by death the cruel illusion of being protected yet metal does not know compassion   ¬© Matthias Geh, 17th February 2018  

#179 (a flat world)

ideas being quenshed before they even set a fire to our imagination unconnected sparks dancing around jaded amygdalas we were everything you needed us to be and nothing we ever wanted to become blind obedience as we shackled our free will to the dogma of superiority sheep, whetting our butcher's knife the time for tenderness … Continue reading #179 (a flat world)