#229 (snow print)

sleep still singing deep inside his bones the tones of slush and icicles soft grey and brown translucent white and blue frozen feet and red cheeks puddles squishing inside leaking boots the crisp morning air bit into his face a grounding carp was swimming inside a pool of snowmelt dauntlessly © Matthias Geh, 19th March … Continue reading #229 (snow print)


#228 (unavailingly)

The orchard void of fruit spilled on the ground lie the remnants of a bird's nest prematurely built and lost to the returning frost a solitary culver circling waiting for the call of her companion unavailingly Winter took him into his grim embrace scattered and frozen feathers, bones and flesh once Spring neglected her promise … Continue reading #228 (unavailingly)

#211 (make way)

flashes of white darkness weighing heavy bags like mires under his eyes inside the chapel of wilted flowers a song is born of silence and hesitation a melody of forgotten promises resounding deeply to guide the gentlest touch of coming warmth as ice blossoms make way this torn asunder winter night © Matthias Geh, 1th … Continue reading #211 (make way)

#126 (between tender plumage)

  allegedly we dreamt of spring while cutting blocks of black ice forming clusters of coldness until our fingers gave in to numbness and within our aching bones the seeds of fever started to bloom the flowers of our anticipation withered away like the last seconds of daylight being replaced by the prospect of obscurity … Continue reading #126 (between tender plumage)

#122 (winter sun, my rare acquaintance)

devouring daylight burning hours like the sun hydrogen your wooden face covered with frost flowers enigmatic enzymes breaking down overtime naps on moth-eaten sofas reclaiming the quiet with a bang nostrils flaring spewing snot essential oils my blood tinted green discouloured veins sparkling winter sun, my rare acquaintance my feelings floating pickled in my frozen … Continue reading #122 (winter sun, my rare acquaintance)