#236 (living stone)

the distant rumble of the waking giant concrete feet stretching away as the last thaw is melting into the cracks of burst asphalt a yawning as loud as thirty trains leaving the station and though my ears hurt I'm marveling at the prospect of a bright day thousands of ants like me readying themselves to … Continue reading #236 (living stone)


#220 (car crash)

I am a car crash waiting to happen so I started walking everywhere slowing my pace until I could see again unfazed by the rush of speed and blurs I recognized the birds singing in the old birch next to the cemetery, where you wept over your brother and your lost lover I am a … Continue reading #220 (car crash)

# 213 (drone)

sleep, eat, work, struggle, get up, work, eat, sleep, struggle, grind your teeth, get up, work, eat, drink, insomnia, get up, struggle, work, eat, sleep, get up, red-eyed, work, eat, sleep, get up, slaving, eat, sleep, leg cramps, struggle, be sick, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, get up, struggle, work, eat, have a holiday, … Continue reading # 213 (drone)

#125 (blooming like moon flowers)

full hours are growing around my fingers casting a spell of tranquility laughter and shouting ♥ let us explore the Solar System my mind straying to Pluto the dwarf planet binding idle thoughts to ice and stone while I am rotating retrogradely ♥ my heart renewed out of dust and rock the melting poles of … Continue reading #125 (blooming like moon flowers)