#158 (ironic)

I type and feed

the web of code and letters

the web I willingly throw myself into

and that I’m weaving myself


metric breeding in the centre

instead of silk I spin some rhymes

building metaphorical traps

glueing everything together

vibrant verse verberating

into the web I built a cage

that freed my inspiration

a cage for my attention

nothing exists

but the rhythm of my fingertips

25th June 2017


#149 (drowning my fears)


photo credt: Matthias Geh

the paths between light and dark

glowing in shades of blue and yellow

I drowned my fears in deep sleep

stuck them to a fairytale

I made up from some restless bits

meeting some monsters on the way

sometimes all it takes is

a frame to collect my scattered thoughts

to herd them back into

this fleeting focal point

I trapped them in a blinking box,

tricking myself into

the illusion of control


18th June 2017





#142 (a soothing trickle)

black and white

on every channel

the calming snowflakes

of his early childhood

no broadcast



everywhere he looks

deleted tweets

and blank pages

an empty space

no chatter





through his relieved ears

no sounds



pulling the plug

every other day

a cure for overwhelmed nerves

turning the flood of images

into a soothing trickle


6th May 2017


#141 (a delicate shield)

grey clouds

weighing him down

someone stole some sleep

his dreams were found

drained on the bottom

of a landfill

his eyes open and close

in the rhythm of the typewriter

his grandmother left him

as a parting gift

escaping the feeds of misery

tucked into his shirt

a sprig of lilac blossoms

a delicate shield against the world

spring sun poured into petals

his thoughts in colour

once again

4th May2017

#140 (smiling traffic lights)

the crooked smile

of a stranger

two seats away

the smell of many

sweat and garlic breath

everything fades

when the flickering begins

I’m one seat between hundreds

and then I’m only one

my feet kissing wet pavement

all the laughter left

between red velvet

and  empty bowls

the sound of my footsteps

creating my own score

I could swear

the traffic lights

were smiling at me

4th May 2017